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Hello! I’m Jess.

Longest Bus Ride combines my passion for travel, cultures, + photography. I’m currently infatuated with my drone! Flying cameras are amazing!! I also love food, usually. I’ve now learned to avoid things like coagulated blood, goat testes, + frogs. Actually, fried + boiled frogs taste quite delicious, but I still don’t like eating them. I know, I know! It’s all in my head!!

Why the blog name? Funny story. It turns out that loooong bus rides occur in all my travels, whether time-wise or psychologically (like when I think I might die when the genius bus driver passes another on a blind curve in Guatemala). In Kenya I squished into a minibus for a 4-hour ride on a dirt road in the summer heat. In Germany, my 10-hour ride included hours of stop-and-go traffic— soooo boring! In Myanmar, my 5-hour ride on a paved road turned into a 15-hour epic ride ending in a hailstorm and a search in the night for a hotel that allowed foreigners. Oh, I also ride trains, horses, cars, and hike on foot for days as necessary, because buses don’t go everywhere.

I’ve lived + worked in 5 countries. I’ve traveled on 6 continents in about 30 countries, typically to places way off the beaten tourist track like the Mongolian steppe, university towns in Poland, + recently opened areas of Myanmar. (Antarctica might wait a while– I’m not a cold weather person.) I speak fluent Spanish, but my Danish, Swahili + Kaq’chikel skills are long gone. (Har du det godt? Habari? Habari ako? Utz awach?)


Short stories of my journey through one of the least touristed countries