Fresco painting found while photographing Pompeii, Italy

Photographing Pompeii, Italy – An Ancient City

Frozen in time, Pompeii, Italy is photographically intriguing. Lauren Bishop, of the blog Global Locavore, beautifully presents her experience photographing Pompeii and shares her advice. Let’s see how she explored this fascinating place.   Why Visit Pompeii? Pompeii is a UNESCO World Heritage site and fascinating destination for history buffs, architecture aficionados and budding photographers alike. […]

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taipei 101 night photography

Top 4 Photography Locations in Taipei, Taiwan

Lets explore photography locations in Taipei, Taiwan! A2Y Travellers (Amy and Yasmine), a UK couple have set off exploring the world and vlogging their experiences. Taiwan was not on their bucket list, but they inadvertently discovered a hidden gem where tourism by westerners seems minimal. A Hidden Gem: Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan is an extremely beautiful […]

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Philippines – Travel Advice Request

I’ve never visited the Philippines before. I’ve eaten some Filipino food, but really don’t know much about the country or culture. This is your chance to educate me a little.  :-) Here’s what I want to do. If you or anyone you know has advice, please comment below or email me. And, if you live in […]

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Mongolian toilets are far from the ger

Mongolian Toilets – Cities, Steppe, Gobi Desert

I love sharing stories of Mongolia travel–  driving for days across the desolate Gobi Desert and horseback riding on the vast steppe. My friends listen patiently, and then they ask in a lowered voice: where did you go to the bathroom? And, if it’s a woman friend, she often includes hints around the subject of menstruation. So, lets talk […]

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Learning travel photography basics

Is Learning Travel Photography Basics Important?

Nearly everyone has a camera. And, everyone takes photographs when traveling, whether around the corner or far from home. So, why isn’t everyone learning travel photography basics? Is Learning Travel Photography Basics Too Difficult? Phones and cameras have an immense amount of functionality. And, yet they arrive in a box with very little user-friendly guidance for brand […]

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Ollantaytambo Photography in Perú

Ollantaytambo Photography – Near Machu Picchu

You’ll love Ollantaytambo photography! The town is picturesque and has two amazing Incan ruins walking distance from the central plaza: building on a hillside and granaries on a mountainside. The hillside ruins have a fascinating water system, including large baths (you can’t swim in them). And, llamas roam the grounds. The town is walkable, with cobblestones. Wear walking/hiking shoes. Visit […]

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Zach in Hong Kong

Fearless Travel – Part II in a Series

Read 8 more real life scariest travel moments + advice for your own fearless travel. This is Part II of a 2-part series.  Scary Travel Part I – Accommodation; flying; wilderness Scary Travel Part II – Passports; scary people; nature; anxiety disorder – Read On Passports & Mothers Did you ever have a passport scare? Was your mother involved? […]

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Fearless travel

15 Scary Travel Moments Around the World – Part I

These 15 travelers share their scary travel moments, from walking in Marrakech to bicycling around the world. They also share how they overcame their scariest travel moments. This is real life travel— sometimes mistakes are made, and other times we just have bad luck. Either way, we learn from our experiences and change accordingly. If you have […]

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5 MinutesInstagramStories

How To: Instagram Stories – Launched August 2, 2016

Instagram Stories launched on August 2, 2016 with plans to roll it out worldwide. (If you don’t have it yet, try updating your Instagram app.) Although similar to Snapchat, IG Stories has functionality that is intuitive. The longtime complaint about Snapchat has been that it is difficult to use for a first-time user. Stories on both platforms disappear after […]

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Travel photography

Improve Your Travel Photography – Phone: 3rds Rule

Improve your travel photography or any other style with today’s easy tip on composition of a photograph. I’m going to show you the Rule of Thirds step-by-step on an iPhone, but you can use any phone or digital camera for this lesson. If you find this lesson useful and want more, please submit a question, which may be published […]

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Machu Picchu photography

Polarizing Filter for Camera – What, When, How

We will cover the what, when, and how of a polarizing filter. More camera gear you ask? Yes! And, I’ll also talk a little about shopping for your filter and other gear to bring along when using it.   What is a Polarizing Filter (Polarizer)? This is a filter you can use on your single […]

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Myanmar visa overstay counter

Getting & Overstaying a Myanmar Visa – Tourist

Obtain your Myanmar visa for tourists from a Myanmar embassy and consulate, including that in Bangkok, or online. Check the government websites for current information. Overstaying a visa is not legal. I took a risk, but I cannot recommend you take the same risk. However, it was so much easier than getting a new visa.   United […]

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Photography Travel packing list. View of Machu Picchu

Photography Gear Packing List, Machu Picchu, Perú

  Photography on Machu Picchu is amazing! Here’s my photography gear travel packing list, which you can use, too! It includes everything that was in my camera bag. I hiked up that steep mountain at 5 o’clock in the morning with all this, plus plenty of drinking water, snacks, and lunch. It definitely helps to pack the camera bag […]

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Fried frogs for lunch in Myanmar Burma

Countryside Lunch in Myanmar

I love good food, and luckily for me, a countryside lunch is already planned. Kwar’s friend / our ‘chauffer’ / local pop star, drives the five of us from Saddar Cave in eastern Myanmar to his bandmates home in the nearby countryside. It’s an amazing place, albeit not one I would ever want to live in […]

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Photography at Machu Picchu. This is just one side of the ruins. The total area is massive.

Photography at Machu Picchu, Perú – Itinerary

Machu Picchu ruins are similar to Angkor Wat in Cambodia in that the area is massive and the work involved to build such a place is incredibly impressive. In terms of photography at Machu Picchu, it is difficult to photograph the location due to the number of tourists and the sheer size of the area. However, […]

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Fish drying on a rack.

Fish for Food in Myanmar

She snipped off the head and tail, finishing with a final clip low on the stomach. The shiny hand-length fish glistened in the early morning light as she threw it back into the pile. The pile of bodies on one side of the tarp shrank, as the other pile grew.   Gutting Fish Squatting alongside the […]

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Kyuak Ka Lat monastery, Hpa An, Myanmar Burma

Saddar Cave & Thingyan Holiday – Myanmar

It’s dark in Saddar Cave. Bare bulbs are strung along the entire path, providing just enough light for the holiday crowds to slowly make their way through the cave. My feet are cool on the damp dirt as I walk barefoot, which is a wonderful change from the 40’C/104’F dry heat outside. Talking to Myself […]

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T Street surf break. San Clemente, California

San Clemente, California – Itinerary. 2 & 7 Nights

San Clemente lies half-way between Los Angeles and San Diego. Calm and relaxed, this small city is a perfect stopping point for a few nights of off the beaten path travel for friends and families. Apart from major city festivals and national holidays, the beaches are tranquil and the restaurants and bars are filled with locals. Even […]

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Nomads Canteen beer flight

San Clemente, California Food & Accommodation

A Surfer’s Hotel for Off the Beaten Path World Travelers Co-owner of Nomads Hotel, Sean Rowland, and I quickly introduced ourselves and began my hotel tour in the dorm room. Each oversized twin bunkbed has a black privacy curtain surrounding a custom-sized memory foam mattress. The entire room is set up comfortably, and despite my anti-dorm-room mentality, I […]

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T Street surf break, San Clemente, California

San Clemente, a Southern California Surf Town

Stretching languidly along the sandy southern California coastline, the surf town of San Clemente is calm and comfortable. Reaching inland into green grassland where thousand-acre cattle ranches once prevailed, hill trails offer beautiful hiking and mountain biking.  Sunshine filled my days at the end of March, while it was cold and raining hundreds of miles […]

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tips for selecting a budget hotel include not relying solely on a booking website

5 Tips for Selecting a Budget Hotel

You definitely need good sleep while traveling, no matter what travel budget you have. Selecting a budget hotel is an art, more than a science, and you’ll improve with practice. Otherwise, you might become the horrible tourist that everyone loves to hate—grumpy, exhausted, and generally not enjoying your time away from home. So, whether you’re […]

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Myanmar (Burma) Scary bugs in Lonton Guesthouse

6 Crazy Precautions for Your Safety in Myanmar

Safety in Myanmar is the #1 inquiry I receive about the country from friends, family, and fellow travelers. This makes sense considering its recent history of military dictator leadership. Here’s a sampling of those questions. Is it scary in Myanmar (Burma) or dangerous anywhere? Are tourists arrested for minor infractions? Are tourists robbed and murdered […]

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travel with kids in Myanmar Burma, and take them to the lake

Travel in Myanmar with Kids – Activities, Part II

As a non-parent, I encourage all my readers to consider traveling to Myanmar with your children now or when they’re a little older. There are plenty of activities for kids in Myanmar, and due to the friendly culture it would be easy for your kids to meet local kids. Many speak at least a few […]

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travel with kids. girls nuns yangon Shwedagon myanmar burma IMG_0805

Travel with Kids in Myanmar (Burma) – Part I

This series of blog posts describes what you can expect if you decide to travel with kids in Myanmar, based on 5 weeks of travel in April and May, 2016. Use this series in conjunction with your favorite guidebook. I don’t provide specific hotels and activity locations, because every parent has their own budget and travel style and […]

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Mindat Myanmar tattoo face woman

Welcome to Mindat, Myanmar

My welcome to the remote mountain town of Mindat, Myanmar was delayed by a few days. Located in the Chin state in the west of Myanmar, the region was opened to tourists just 18 months ago (as of May, 2016). Generally tourists arrive on a tour, stay a day or two, and move on. If you’re writing a […]

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Baby elephants jumping on each other in Thailand IMG_8681

Baby Elephants in Thailand

Do you love watching kittens or puppies? Or, maybe baby panda videos are your choice entertainment—they’re mine! Aren’t the baby animals adorable rolling around on the ground? Now imagine an animal 100 times larger. Standing on the boardwalk near the mud hole and above the river, I watched baby elephants entertaining themselves and rambunctiously playing during my […]

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Myanmar Thailand border crossing near Bangkok

Thailand-Myanmar Border Crossing – Bangkok to Dawei at Htee Kee

The overland Thailand Myanmar border crossing between Bangkok (or Kanchanaburi), Thailand and Dawei, Myanmar is simple, but time consuming as the cities are separated by a long dirt road. All Day Long Also, it can be confusing to understand, as you must change vehicles a few times and have your passport checked three times. Starting from […]

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Mongolian horse rearing up

Adventurous Mongolian Horse Riding & Milking

A Mongolian horse is a key part of the nomadic culture in this vast and wild country. They are smaller than most other horses around the world, likely because they require fewer calories for survival of the Siberian-like winters. The majority of Mongolian people still lead nomadic lives, and when they move to the capital, they […]

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On our way to the park entrance, we had to stop to ask for directions. The roads are tricky here!

Mountain Goat Day! – Mongolia

This morning I was going to leave most of my things in the ger, since last night we spoke about staying here for two nights. But Dasha told me it is not safe to leave things in the ger, so I packed up although I didn’t understand why it wasn’t safe. After breakfast of bread […]

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These goats look soft, but I'm sure they're pretty dirty! The paint on their horns must mean something, although I'm not sure what exactly. Mongolia goat

At My First Ever Ger Camp Stay – Mongolia

The three of us, Dasha, Binderya, and I, stayed at that second ger camp last night. When we first arrived in the late afternoon it was gray, but then I found colorful goats and a beautiful sunset made the sky pop. Of course, I ran around taking a million photos of both the goats and […]

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